• Let's Share a moment together.

    I create memories, I share moments in time and most of all I care for each individual I meet. My name is Peachy/Val and I'm a relations specialist. I can touch your heart, nourish your soul and rejuvenate your mind. Experience what it feels like to let down your guard and be the real you, or the version of you that you always wanted to be. By being that listening ear and open heart, I provide each individual the chance to express themselves in a liberating manner. For a moment in time all is right in your world. It's about you and you can be you. Nothing is better than someone who can make you feel special. I thrive on building connections and the only way to start that connection is through initial contact. Life is about all the little journeys! Don't you think it's time you took yours? A sweet and caring women, who can make you feel like you are the only person in the world that matters. A form of therapy? A way of expressing yourself? Or just good memories? You decide!

    I'm a lady in my 30"s

    5 foot 5 inches

    115 pounds

    34 A chest

Located in Hull right across the Alexandra bridge (10 minutes from downtown Ottawa).

Schedule (very important, please read.)

  • Available on Monday's to Sunday's from 10am to 4pm (available same day/within an hour for these times) and from 4pm to 10pm if you book a day in advance.

    How to book a date with me

    Phone me. My number is 613-322-4041. If my phone is off and I don't get back to you within half an hour and you want me to get back to you.(I don't call or text back after half an hour for various reasons). Email me the day you want, time you want, along with a phone number you can use for direct talking. I could be busy for the moment but not all day.


    Via Email - Please email me the time and day you want, along with the phone number that you will be calling me from. I will not answer calls from numbers that I do not know.

    Please note: emails without all the proper information will be ignored. However, my auto-reply will guide and help you, as a reminder to what is expected or needed for me to reply to your email.

    If your phone only takes texts, or doesn't work for direct talking, please provide me with a land line phone number or another number, that you can call me from (I will want to talk to you directly).

    My time is for companionship only. When You email me, please do not send me sexually explicit emails, this includes fetish, domination, or anything in that regard(anything sexual). However, if you would like to request for me to greet you in casual attire, this is welcomed. I will greet you in business casual attire, when we meet, unless a more casual style is specified. I am skilled in relaxation massage. You may request a relaxation massage at anytime, however, this is part of the companionship package. If you have a non- sexual request, please provide this when you book your date. So, you would send the day you are interested in, the time your are interested in, a phone number you can use for direct talking and your request.

Appreciation for my time.

  • The Sugar Daddy Experience. $2000.00 per month. This includes 5 five hour dates. You can come once a week, or if you just visit Ottawa, have them all the same week Or 5 one to two hour dates for $1200. This arrangement is only applicable for the month you choose. If you are unable to set 5 separate dates during the month of your choice; perhaps the options below would be to your liking.

    I do have a passport. I can travel nationally and internationally. I can travel with you or independently to meet you where your heart desires. If this interests you bring it up in person, as I will not discuss this via email.

    I only do outcalls to the downtown Ottawa area.

    Take a bite out of Peachy 30 min $180.00

    $220 for an hour

    $100 for each additional hour.

    Overnight. $1200.00

    Please note: that I have two very lovable cats and a small dog at my location.

    I also have a couple of tattoos and a nipple piercing. I have one tattoo on my abdomen and the other on my lower back. I like to call them my secret garden; as the tattoos and the piercing can be easily covered and hidden.

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